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Justin Is our local Osteopath based at our Seaford location and has been trained to provide a high level of care, assessment and advice for your health. Justin has five years of University study, providing many therapies such as massage, mobilisation, stretching and adjustment techniques to help you with a wide range of conditions. To know more about Justin click here.

We partnered with Frost Fit Gym. Providing our services from here allows us to incorporate strength training and rehabilitation with Osteopathy to improve your health and patient satisfaction. Frost Fit is a wellness hub that includes a Gym, The Clean Press Cafe, Beauty, Wellness and Osteopathy. 

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  • Techniques

    Manual therapy, we can utilise both a gentle and firm approach

    Soft tissue treatment (massage)

    Articulation of joints (movement/ mobilisation of joints)

    Muscle Energy Technique (MET) (a form of stretching)

    Functional Technique (a gentle technique)

    Inhibition of Trigger points (releasing tight muscles)

    HVLA (Adjustments)

    Addressing lifestyle factors

    Strength and Conditioning

    Ergonomic and manual handling advice

  • Conditions

    Neck pain and injury

    Lower and upper back pain

    Sciatica and nerve pain

    Headaches / Migraines

    Shoulder, elbow and hand pain

    Hip, knee and foot pain

    Sports injuries

    Pre and post natal care

    Arthritic aches & pains


    Repetitive strain injuries

    Workplace strains & sprains

    Post surgery rehabilitation

  • Other

    Your Osteopathic treatment session will include a thorough case history taking to ensure we remain as safe as possible during treatment. This may also lead to a musculoskeletal and nervous system assessment, body function assessments, manual therapy treatment and patient education.

    By engaging in such a thorough assessment and treatment we can try to resolve your discomfort and prevent the likelihood of relapse.

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  • Directions

    We are based in a clinic room within Frost Fit - Seaford. There is designated parking at the front of the venue for AIO - All In One Therapy Patients. If there is no space available, you can park in any available bay on Martha Street. If you require special access, please let us know before your visit so we can help you.

    Entry to AIO - All In One Therapy can be taken through the first door seen at the front of Frost Fit - Seaford. If you enter through the roller doors next to Clean Press Cafe, please use to door to your left. Take a seat in our waiting room until your Osteopath comes to collect you.

    Address: 19 Martha St, Seaford VIC 3198

  • What Is Required From You?

    To book an Osteopathic consultation with Justin at Seaford, use our 'Book Now - Seaford' button, call us or use the live chat button to message our team directly. There may be a slight delay in response time if calling or using the live chat if our Osteopath is with a patient.

    After a booking is made and a time and date has been selected for your Osteopathic visit, you will receive an email to fill out a very brief new patient form. This will only take a minute and should be completed before your appointment to best use your Osteopath's time.

    The form is used to advise the attending patients of what is to be expected during their treatment session and inform your Osteopath of any previous medical history they may have. This is so treatment can be undertaken safely. All information provided is confidential.

  • Appointments

    All Seaford appoitments are with Dr. Justin Lowe (Osteopath).

    Initial Osteopathic Consultation

    • Initial consultation for first time patients.
    • 40 to 45 minutes

    Return Osteopathic Consultation

    • Return consultation for returning patients.
    • 25 to 30minutes

    Osteopathic Rehabilitation Consultation

    • An extended Osteopathic consultation with a larger focus on treatment, rehabilitation and strength training for returning patients.
    • 40 to 45minutes.

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