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The 'AIO - All In One Therapy' TEAM started in 2021 with a small idea to take the edge of the aches and pains of work!

AIO - All In One Therapy Seaford, VIC, AU Private Consultations 

Dr. Justin Lowe (Osteopath) is our Osteopathic clinician at AIO - All In One Therapy Seaford. Based within and partnered with Frost Fit - Gym, Justin offers a range of Osteopathic and strength and rehabilitation services. Therapies can included soft tissue techniques, articulation, muscle energy techniques, manipulation/ adjustments, cupping therapy, dry needling and more. Justin has a love for treating people of all ages from seniors to new borns and all those in between. And tailors his treatment to your needs with firm or general therapeutic treatments! Book now and CLICK HERE to get started! 

Dr. Justin Lowe Osteopath Seaford

Graduation: RMIT University Melbourne BHLTHSC/BAPPSC (OSTEOPATHY) 

AIO - All In One Therapy Mobile Osteopathic Consultations

Treating as an Osteopathic Doctor for several years we found out patients would struggle to find the time to break away from their busy lifestyles and demanding work hours to fix their problems. So, we brought the fixing to them. There are office space massages that commonly provided work place treatment to improve productivity and relief pain. But this is different! AIO - All In One Therapy treats musculoskeletal pains providing a wide range of manual therapy techniques, education on how to prevent your pain in your working environment and provide tools or products to help aid in your recovery. We focus on more than just the pain and don't aim to reduce it, but try to clear it and prevent it from returning.  

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THE 'AIO - All In One Therapy' Manual Massage Tool!  

This Tool is an ergonomic, handheld massage tool that allows health professional to treat longer and more effectively without aggravating their hands. Health practitioners are known for being very hands on, which takes a toll on us. Over years of treating, early arthritic changes can occur from repetitive manual handling and treating. This Manual Massage Tool has been designed with the hope to increase health professional careers with the one focus of taking the pressure off their hands during treatment. It has also been designed to work with you, as an extension of your hand. Not a replacement. So, you can still achieve your best work without the disadvantages (such as reduced palpation and surface contact) when using a common massage tool. We have designed it to fit all hand sizes, be used in multiple ways and apply many different types of soft tissue techniques including inhibition, scraping, friction, effleurage, broad, narrow, cross and longitudinal. If you have been looking for a tool to help take the edge off your hands during treatment, customise your tool and treat easier than you ever have before! 

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