Mobile Osteopathy Services

Licensed Osteopathic Doctors providing a high level of care, assessment and advice for your team. Our Osteopaths have 5 years of University study, providing a wide range of therapies such as massage, mobilisation, stretching and adjustment techniques.
We bring everything to your office, venue or location within metropolitan Melbourne. Treatment table, Appliances, Towels and Software. Don't bother with reception wait times and appointment delays at a healthcare clinic. Have us call you over from your very own chair.
Watch our demonstration video and read our additional benefits, requirements and booking details below for more!
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  • Techniques

    Manual therapy, we can utilise both a gentle and firm approach

    Soft tissue treatment (massage)

    Articulation of joints (movement/ mobilisation of joints)

    Muscle Energy Technique (MET) (a form of stretching)

    Functional Technique (a gentle technique)

    Inhibition of Trigger points (releasing tight muscles)

    HVLA (Adjustments)

    Addressing lifestyle factors

    Strength and Conditioning

    Ergonomic and manual handling advice

  • Conditions

    Neck pain and injury

    Lower and upper back pain

    Sciatica and nerve pain

    Headaches / Migraines

    Shoulder, elbow and hand pain

    Hip, knee and foot pain

    Sports injuries

    Pre and post natal care

    Arthritic aches & pains


    Repetitive strain injuries

    Workplace strains & sprains

    Post surgery rehabilitation

  • Other

    Your Osteopathic treatment session will include a thorough case history taking to ensure we remain as safe as possible during treatment. This may also lead to a musculoskeletal and nervous system assessment, body function assessments, manual therapy treatment and patient education.

    By engaging in such a thorough assessment and treatment we can try to resolve your discomfort and prevent the likelihood of relapse.

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  • Work Place Benefits

    Emerging evidence for cooperate wellness suggests great return on investment for employers.

    >Decrease sick leave absenteeism by ~25.3%
    >Decrease workers compensation costs by ~40.7%
    >Decrease disability management costs by ~24.2%

    & ~$5.81 saving for every $1 invested
    in employee wellbeing.

  • What Is Required From You?

    After an enquiry is made and a time and date has been selected for your Osteopathic visit, you will receive an email to fill out a very brief new patient form for yourself and others attending. This will only take a minute and should be completed prior to your appointment to best use your Osteopath's time.


    The form is used to advise the attending patients of what is to be expected during their treatment session and inform your Osteopath of any previous medical history they may have. This is so treatment can be undertaken safely. All information provided is confidential.

  • Costs

    $234 per hour – $117 per half hour

    Fees will apply for travel and commute to your location. And parking fees may apply if not supplied.

    Hours outside of business hours 8am – 6pm may include additional costs. Please check with us for specific rates.

    Minimum 2hour call out.

    Options for each patient

    1. Up to 60minute Osteopathic treatment and management session (Small team preference).

    2. Up to 30minute Osteopathic treatment and management session per patient (Large group preference).

    We can customise a patients appointment time in both small and large teams if they require.

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