Benefits of regular treatment | AIO - All In One Therapy

Regular massages or Osteopathic treatment can be very helpful for many reasons and different situations.

Depending on your situation, we would tailor a treatment plan directly to your GOAL's. This starts by identifying your threshold and how often your discomfort happens. Then, what provokes your pain, how can we mitigate your triggers so we can increase your tolerance; enjoying more of your time. Lastly, we implement our strategies and treatment starting at a 2, 4 or 6 week structure. Increasing the distance between sessions slowly till your new threshold is created!  

Benefits of regular maintenance treatment may include... 

  • Preventing regression or relapse of your pain. 
  • Managing chronic or long lasting pain conditions. 
  • Increase flexibility and mobility. 
  • Ease headache frequency and severity. 
  • Reduce stress and tension. 
  • Relax tight and sore muscles. 
  • Ease postural pain or text neck pain. 
  • Improve quality of life. 
  • Improve sleep.

For more information on the benefits of regular massage or Osteopathic treatment. Contact us via our live chat, phone number or email! 


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